Organic Or Paid Marketing Search Strategies? The Pros and Cons

Organic Or Paid Marketing Search Strategies? The Pros and Cons

Some Might suggest you have to do SEO. Some people say you have to do paid advertising. Which one is better?  But if you ask me i should say,

if your website is new and its a eCommerce or services plat form. Then you should go for PPC aka Paid Advertisement.

Today I’m going to go over paid advertising and SEO. Which one’s better? and Which one sucks?

  • Paid Advertisement

Let’s get started with paid advertising.  The four main pros of paid advertising. Or shall i say 4 main benifts of PPC.

 1.It can get you results faster.

The more you are willing to pay, The more traffic you are going to get. You start your paid advertising campaign today, you get that traffic today.

2.You can target any region that you want.

With paid advertising, if your business is a state or country base, you can only do ads just in specific area. You can target a specific region and That’s a beautiful part about paid advertising.

3. Pay Only when you are avaliable for business.

You can leverage dayparting.  No many people fimiliar with this and they are not really using this features in Paid Advertisement. If you are a 9 to 5 bussiness and you mainly rely on phone calls, live chat, Then why would you run your ads 24/7? Because you are paying to get people to your service but if you are not avaliable that will be lost of money.

4. Force landing Page

You can Land your Paid users to any part of your website. Users clicking your paid advertisement Can be taken to your landing pages. Where you  have a Sales Pitch ready to watch, Read Or product ready to purchase. With SEO, typically, pages that rank on the top of Google,  are very long in content and they have roughly 2000 words.

Recomended Pay Per Click Plat forms , Facebook, Google Ads, Taboola,


Search Engine Optimisation advantages.

  1. SEO is long run. Eeven if you slow down on SEO, you can keep getting more traffic over time. The older it gets and more links to it or more social shares you are still there and that is the best part of SEO. But with Paid advertisment Soon you stop spending, There will be no more traffic or customers.   SEO traffic is free. You are only paying someone once and if they have done the job acording to google SEO guidelines or other search engine`s guidelines . Results will stay longer.


You need both for fast Results you need Pay Per Click and for a long run FREE Organic Traffic SEO Services.(Search Engine Optimisation)

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